As some of you will be aware, Jaeng7 & Rockytony have been spoiling us with great quality fights spanning the decades. Many are hard to get in this quality, so we must appreciate them taking the time to share such gems from their collections :yes:

As luck would have it, I recently got a new desktop PC with a disk drive. It doesn't burn disks, but it does read them very well. I'm currently trying to back up as many DVDs as possible, and I intend to upload them all (I have hundreds and hundreds). Much to my surprise I have only had two disk fails out of about 300 disks so far, which means I have many original caps to bring to the tracker, some for the first time, and the vast majority of them fell off the tracker a long, long time ago.

....But I would like more long standing members to share the quality stuff back to the tracker. Many of you will have awesome collections and its about time more of you started to upload some of the fights back to the tracker. Jaeng7 & Rockytony should be rewarded by having the opportunity to add to their collections also, so I am going to reward members for uploading OLD fights to the tracker.

The fight must be in the DVD/VOB or Mpeg/MpegII format (no converting to that format please) and NOT already be on the tracker. If the fight is already on the tracker, you must ONLY upload the fight if you believe your version to be an upgrade in some way...picture quality, length of the cap, etc.

For every fight that you upload that meets the above criteria, I shall award a generous amount of points.....the more people that download your upload, the more points I shall reward :yes:

If DVD Career sets are shared, even more points will be up for grabs ;-)

I have a feeling few members will read this and even fewer will actually share/upload anything, but I hope to be pleasantly surprised.

I'll give it a week and then I may send this out as a mass PM to get more members uploading old fights again.