Update June 10th, 2020: In an effort to allow better sharing and connection of peers, a new page has been added called "Connect Checker", this will check if you're currently connectable. And it will give you a link to help you become connectable if you aren't already. Being connectable allows for you to download from more site members and gain a better ratio.

Also in an effort to support the beauty of "Black Love", I've coded the automatic FreeLeech and tag addition of "Black Love" with torrents that have Black Female solo or with Black Male content (As well as Mixed Race Females that have the Black Female tag that are solo or with a Black Male). This is forever just like torrents 5 gigs or more.

I've also added a special none viewable field so that normal FreeLeech events can happen and when the event ends all the "Black Love" torrents will still be FreeLeech.

And yes All Love Matters i'm just doing my part to promote awareness with some complex yet simple code changes, enjoy. Also i'm probably going to limit Community tagging rights to those that have been on the site for over a month.

*Note as an uploader don't include the Black Love tag, it's automatic just like the torrent size tag is automatic. Special code has been written to decide what is considered a Black Love torrent, thanks in advance.