Today May 6th, 2020 i'm announcing support for SSL/TLS (HTTPS) Encryption for for our torrent tracker (back end). Since I announced the switch from our original tracker announce url to the newer one (That supports IPV6 site members), around 50% of site members are using the new tracker announce url.

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Note* the new tracker announce url is in all new torrents you download.

If you have less than 50 torrents seeding or if you use some sort of browser add-on to download a bunch of links, you can do the following:

1. Click the link at the top of the page that says Active Torrents: Seeding.

2.Then you'll see a list of all the torrents you're seeding. You can then click on the Re-seed me link for all the torrents.

3. After that you can stop all the torrents you're seeding in your torrent program.

4. ***Be careful doing this step, please be careful*** Then select all those torrents and go to remove/delete from list only.

Do not remove the actual data.

Again remove/delete from list only, do not remove the actual torrent data.

5. Then you can reopen all the torrents you downloaded from your active seeding list. The new torrents will start seeding with the new encrypted announce url.


To Download your torrents quicker use these instructions: It's the same process as above except, you use DownThemAll to bulk download your torrent files. Of course it's going to take time for your torrent program to re-check over 50+ torrents.

You can use FireFox, Chrome or Opera and install the extension called DownThemAll, here's the website: https://www.downthemall.org/

Once the extension is installed go to the Active Torrents: Torrents seeding Seeding page and then click on the DownThemAll icon and Click the text that says "DownThemAll!" and you'll see a page like this appear:

In the fast filtering field just type in download.php and uncheck Images and Videos. Then click download and it will download all the torrent links even if you have 1,000. Then you just take the time to re-add them all.


Now that i've done some testing and I know most torrent programs support Encryption i'm confident to switch all new torrents over to have Encryption.

Note* Encrypting a torrent tracker doesn't do magic, here's what it does do:

1. It makes it look like standard web browsing, instead of using a tracker.

2. It protects the communication of your download/upload data.

3. It protects the list of peers.

Basically the tracker protects the communication between you and the tracker.

What it doesn't do:

1. It will not encrypt BootyTape's domain name.

2. It will not encrypt the actual data being transferred, since that's up to your torrent program to do.

3. It will not protect your ip address from other peers in the swarm.

Basically this is saying that the tracker is for communication only and when a tracker is encrypted only communication between you and the tracker is encrypted.

If you want communication between you and peers encrypted, you would still need to use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) or use a seed box so your personal ip address isn't shown.

I just want to make this all clear, this isn't some magic fix for your overall security when using a torrent site. This is still a step in the right direction and that's why I worked hard in these times to offer support for it.

Best Regards,
BootyTape Webmaster