What are Seed Bonus points, and how do I get them?
They're points you get from seeding torrents.

First I want to mention that we have an automated system that uses your seed bonus points to remove your download amount if your ratio is under 1.0 and you have enough seed bonus points. The system also private messages you when it does this and explains what it has done.

If you have a lot of seed bonus points or VIP bonus points you can send them to other users. And some people have 10,000+ VIP bonus points and don't do anything with them, maybe i'll allow some other use for bonus points in the future.

What are V.I.P. bonus points? V.I.P. bonus points, are just like seed bonus points but you only get them if you've donated to the site. Or you have uploaded a torrent and you get VIP bonus points as a bonus. And you can have 5,000 plus V.I.P. bonus points. Currently V.I.P. bonus points are only used when you don't have enough seed bonus points.

5 Seed Bonus Points = Every torrent or forum post, that has 50 characters or more. Maximum of 10 points each for torrent or forum posts every 8 hours.

0.20 Seed bonus points = uploading to others at 15KBs or more on average per hour, per seeded torrent.
1.00 Seed bonus points = having 5 torrents uploading to others at 15KBs or more each on average per hour.

And if you save up enough, you can trade them in for a removal of some of your download amount. Also you must have 100% of the torrent downloaded for your seeding to give you points. That means it's a bad idea to leave out a single file and do fake seeding because this gives the torrent a bigger chance of dying.

Learn more here: bonus-shop.php