As you may have noticed for the last 9 months or so invites have been not available in the store. We had a serious need of doing an audit of current membership to remove some bad eggs, which we have done during that time. That was mostly taken up by Audionut who you also may have noticed has stepped down from staffing recently, so if you see them thank them. Going forward invites are now available in the store for 250,000 BON, but to be able to send invites you need to be at least in the BluMaster/BluSeeder class and have 2FA enabled. If you think you should have invite ability but do not please wait 24hours before submitting a ticket to give yourself an opportunity to be corrected automatically.

When sending invites please be mindful of rules/restrictions. We are not going to reiterate them here but you can find them here

A couple of smaller notes/reminders
You are responsible for satisfying required seedtimes. We have seen an influx of users not doing so
You are responsible for ensuring your uploads comply with site rules. Over the last couple months the compliance of rules has slowly been decreasing, leading to more work for moderation team to ensure uploads are of quality and easily searchable
TOTP 2FA was added in the last 2-3 months, please enable if you can. Read more about it here
There has been some confusion regarding H.264/H.265 and x264/x265 in naming lately. H.264/H.265 are codecs and x264/x265 are encoders. For untouched content we do not care what encoder was used, so use codec in title, and for encoded content we want what encoder was used. BLU only allows encoded content encoded by x264/x265 so labeling this correctly is very important. Encodes without corresponding x264/x265 settings in mediainfo are not allowed.
If you have received invites via donation and cannot use them, open a helpdesk ticket and we'll temporarily grant you ability to send invites given you provide proof/evidence of user's value for the user you wish to invite.