I am writing this as a recap of sorts, so those that are not yet familiar with this information, pay attention. For those who are, refreshers never hurt anyone.

  • Blutopia is still in the growing phase of the site. Not everything is going to work according to plan. It is not meant to be exactly like any other site, in fact, in some aspects completely the opposite. So statements like, "Well such and such tracker does it this way and has this, this, and this!" won't win you any brownie points.
  • For those of you new to private trackers, we get it, you aren't used to having rules to follow and are used to grabbing what you want and leaving. That doesn't work here. If that's what you prefer, then go back to the public trackers. HnR's here WILL get you warnings, and then banned. This site may be new, but the Staff are not.
  • READ THE RULES!!!!! I cannot stress this enough. If you read them and don't understand them, then ASK! We all speak English here (some better then others), so there is no excuse why you can't ask in chat, PM a Staff member, make a forum post, or go on discord to get the answers that you seek.
  • To type in chat: There is a spot on the upper right hand corner of the place where you type that says, "click [BBCODE] to enable editor". Under that is [BBCODE]. Click it. Type in the box. Press your Enter key on your keyboard. Viola! You just followed instructions.
  • YOU HAVE TO SEED EVERY AND ANY FREELEECH TORRENTS FOR 7 DAYS. This includes global freeleech and torrent freeleech. And guess what?!?! If there is both? You STILL have to seed it for 7 days. No exceptions.
  • If you are not a Staff member, please don't try to act like one. That just irritates the actual Staff.
  • Don't make requests, bug reports, member reports etc in Chat. They will get lost. There are places for stuff like that. Report A Bug . See?
  • You PM a person by going to the little envelope on the bar on the left side of your screen which will take you to your inbox. Click the button that says, "New Message". Start typing out the username of the member you wish to send it to, and the dropdown menu should show their name after a few letters. Click on their name. Write your message in the larger box. Press the "Send" button at the bottom right of the page when done.
  • Staff is more likely to listen to issues you are having/had if you communicate them BEFORE getting banned. They may even have some helpful advice.
  • READ THE RULES!!! (you can even click on the word and go read them!)
  • Staff talk to each other. So don't get any bright ideas.

I'll add anything else if needed.