Domain Change (xyz -> cc)

We have changed domains, from .xyz to .cc. The change happened back in December and while the old domain is still active on its own instance it will eventually be changed to a domain redirect. Most but not all bittorrent clients respect redirects for announces. It is highly suggested to take this time to change the domain in your client/tools from .xyz to .cc. If we decide to fully drop the old domain we will send out another announcement. Users need to update their bookmarks, including in password managers, as well and start accessing the site using the new domain, so they're no longer downloading new torrents and announcing to .xyz. Some aspects of the site might not work correctly under the old .xyz domain, including but not limited to, the chatbox. There may be other issues related to the .xyz domain in the future.

We, staff and users, have created guides for most clients in the help section of the forums on how to bulk edit the clients for the domain change. If you are using a client that does not have a dedicated thread, feel free to create one and raise a helpdesk ticket so we can pin it too. If the client is not listed and you need help finding a mass edit solution you may also create a forum thread or helpdesk ticket asking for support.