Thats A Wrap "2019"


Here's a recap of the best and worst of the year. I'd also like to give a big thanks to everyone who contributed to Blutopia in 2019. It's been a successful year here. I got the chance to focus primarily on the website/codebase this year which has been really fun for the most part. At the same time, the scope and scale has grown by multiple factors this year and keeping up with the pace and demand has been difficult. I hope you all enjoy the work that is sitting in front of you. As we roll into 2020 I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year (a few days early). Thanks for sticking around and using Blutopia, it means the world to us! Hopefully we will hit 200K peers soon. Hope you truly enjoy the site and all the hard work that has and is going into it!

Please take a moment to checkout the new 2019 yearly overview. 2019 OVERVIEW

I want to also thank all of those supporting UNIT3D. Thank you!

Best Regards,