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Freeleech! Download does not count!


We are 9 years old! Congratulations and competition

Dear users, dear friends !!!

Our tracker is 9 years old! During this time, for many, the resource has become close and expensive. We will do our best to continue to keep the bar high, to develop, delighting you!

We wish our entire community: users, uploaders, administrations - a lot of good health, good luck in all endeavors, prosperity and, of course, good releases, there were a lot of them and there will be even more. And we begin to celebrate and invite everyone to join!

The rules of conduct of the event:
* Freelleech from 12/12/19 to 14/12/19 (inclusive);
* Holiday competition "Guess the frame from the film / cartoon (9 frames) and what / who is in the image" (9 frames) (held on 12/12/18, tentatively at 20:00 on the trackerís time, conducted by - ADmin, the rules an hour before conducting) ;!
* +1999 coins will be added to everyone before 14/12/19.

Thank you for being with us!!!