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Rules for celebrating the birthday of the tracker. News. Report on the piggy bank.

Dear users, dear friends!

Of the good:
On December 12, the tracker will celebrate - we are 9 years old! In this regard, from 12/12/19 to 14/12/19 (inclusive) freeleech is on! There will also be a festive contest, tentatively 13/12/19 (follow the announcements under the chat).

As of 03/12/19, about 100 missing countries were added to the database for selection in the user profile (total number - 192), we hope we have not forgotten anyone.

Traditionally, we thank those who have already supported Piggy Bank (and, in fact, filling the tracker with new products) and those who are only going to help.
You can see the report for the month of November
in the corresponding section (archive). We ask you not to forget to support the "Piggy Bank" section, as far as possible.

From not so good:
There was a “drop” in the resources for reasons not entirely depending on us, the results of which may be announced later additionally. Also, we are gradually expending the reserves of Piggy Bank, please be a little more active.

Thank you for being with us!

Yours faithfully,