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Dear friends!

12.12.16 we celebrate the birthday of tracker BLUEBIRD - we will become 6 years old!
In connection with this event:
a) The registration will be open (on an indefinite and long-term, in this regard, there will be some changes in the reclassification of customers and will affect the "newcomers");
b) will be disconnected module Hit & Run (as an indefinite and long-term);
c) activated frilich (from 12.12.16 on 15.12.16);
g) will be a competition in order to win gifts, for which, as for the congratulations, created a separate topic (see more - watch for announcements);
d) users expect a series of holiday releases.

During the tracker being much has been done and achieved (and this is not the limit), it happened a lot of events: good and different, but we want to separately thank the people who, in spite of everything, continue to maintain our life (we hope that this support, which unfortunately, not so much, enough to avoid a "point of no return" and the celebration of the anniversary in the next 7 years). We would also like to thank all those who work and finds time for filling the site content. Thanks to all of us, we (and this applies to users of all classes and grades) - one of the best (and are not going to "move" =))).

Preparing for birthday celebration and thank you for being with us!

Yours faithfully,