(to continue from and expand on the last news item)

We already know we need to "make sure you TEST YOUR IMAGE to make sure everything works as it should."

So its rather redundant to see 'tested and working ' in the tech tab , where more information should be listed .

the tech tab is for installation instruction , system requirements and information pertaining to tips and tricks to get it to load.

•It is your responsibility to make sure your torrent meets all the requirements, including (but not limited to) testing images, scanning for viruses, extracting and testing archived files, putting together proper and thorough descriptions for your torrents

•Make a decent description. Do NOT copy and paste the .NFO. We do not need a full review, but please make it longer than just 1 or 2 lines.
Minimum and preferably recommended system requirements as well as installation instructions are REQUIRED for all PC and Mac games. Extra information such as Swap Magic and HDloader Compatibility is welcome and helpful as well on Consoles.

i make this post since i see a lot of very poor description in the Vita category and to remind PC uploaders to remember the tech tab info is non-negotiable