Vita Dumper Vitamin leaked [WARNING]

To all users dumping or grabbing the loads of dumps now flooding in and floating around

you are required to test these dumps before uploading them here , this is not a public tracker but a tight knit community.
so respect others and test your dumps thoroughly
Rules wrote:
We accept scene releases as well as custom archives. Be sure you've tested a custom release before you upload it.

Uploaders Tuorial

uploaders tutorial wrote:
make sure you go TEST YOUR IMAGE to make sure everything works as it should.

As an uploader, it's your responsibility to test everything you upload to our tracker - from the rip to the burn to the extraction of the files. We're not big fans of seeing releases get seeded by 30-40 peers only to find out the uploader didn't bother to test it out and we have to nuke it. As a matter of fact, it's not uncommon that an uploader will get a warning or worse for not taking the few minutes to burn and test the results of the rip. That being said, make sure you take your newly created image and burn it to a disc. Then pop it in your console, put it on your HDD, whatever... And play it for a good 5 to 10 minutes to be sure it's doing what it's supposed to. If you don't, you shouldn't be surprised when something bad happens to you or your account.
If you're taking the time to release something, this shouldn't even need to be said. If you were a serious uploader, you would say "I always test everything I upload no matter what it is!" That's what we like to hear.

It is your responsability to make sure your torrent meets all the requirements, including (but not limited to) testing images, scanning for viruses, extracting and testing archived files, putting together proper and thorough descriptions for your torrents, and making sure you are able to seed. If you do not follow these guidelines, your torrents will likely be nuked and you may be punished as staff sees fit.
You should also have tested the game before you upload it, so also include how you tested the game - include all the relevant information you can think of, such as chip model or exploit name, and console region. If the game has been patched or altered in any way

It is an actionable offense to upload bad/broken dumps and viruses in any category