SP Overview Minor Improvements
A good while ago in the past there was a "Seed Limit" which prevented seed points from being earned at all if more than a certain number of eligible torrents were being seeded at the same time, this was however considered unnecessary and for years this limit has been made redundant by setting it to a value of 999 torrents which would never be reached. The SP Overview page has still been showing this limit however and each and every torrent entry has been showing "Seed Limit - Passed!", something that would never ever change.

To help simplify the SP Overview page slightly all references to the now redundant Seed Limit have now been removed which means that "Seed Limit - Passed!" is no longer displayed on each and every entry and can now be completely disregarded. The documentation on the SP FAQ page has also been updated to reflect this change. This does NOT affect the number torrents that you can gain seed points on at once which is still up to 4 for non donors and up to 12 for donors and the actual seed point system itself has not been changed.

I have also tweaked the SP Overview table layout on the default stylesheet, there are now column borders and the first column, "Torrent Name" will no longer expand beyond a certain limit that was sometimes crushing up the rest of the columns, instead very long torrent names are split across more than 1 line.

If you would like to discuss this further or would like to see an example of the slightly improved layout please click here.