We will no longer be allowing any SEYTER repacks due to various reports that some of their recent Denuvo bypass repacks included a bitcoin miner, they were all removed from the tracker a few days ago. There's also been reports of possible bitcoin miners in a couple of Steamworks releases that use the Denuvo bypass while as far as I know all volki releases were clean, but since the bypass has long been patched by Denuvo for sometime and we now have a policy of only allowing playable games on the tracker, E.g. no uncracked releases, all the now non working Denuvo bypass uploads have been removed. I would also like to remind members that we already don't allow BlackJack repacks due to other issues in the past.

I advise any member who has downloaded and installed any game that used the now non working Denuvo bypass to check they are not infected by the bitcoin miner as follows:

Open task manager (Press CTRL+ALT+DEL) and look for a process called issch.exe which is normally under the description of "InstallShield Update Service Scheduler", if you have this you are likely to be infected. Please see removal instructions below.

Bitcoin Miner Removal Instructions:

The bitcoin miner is normally located in either \Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming or \Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\ inside another directory, here are 2 examples of where members found the miner, but there are most likely other directory names it could be found inside too:

1) C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Identities\ISSCH \issch.exe
2) C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\UnrealEngineLaunch er\ISSCH\issch.exe

When you find issch.exe firstly check it's size, there is a legit version of the file that shouldn't be any bigger than 100KB in size, but the miner is around 1MB in size and comes in a directory with libcurl.dll and various other files. If you find this directory please delete or at least rename it. Ensure issch.exe under the description of "Update Service Scheduler" is no longer running in task manager, if it is terminate it.

If you'd prefer to check and remove using an Antivirus program please follow the instructions below:

1) Download and install Malwarebytes, Avira or AVG from their site.
2) Scan your C: (Windows) drive and wait for it to find Miner files.
3) If there is check folder name and go manually there or delete from antivirus-antimalware.
4) You should really delete that folder.

Best of luck!

If you would like to discuss this announcement further please click here.

Last Few Days For Moderator Applications:

Just a reminder, if anyone still intends to apply to be a moderator on BCG the closing date for applications is on Saturday August 20th 2016 which means you don't have long left. All applicants will receive notification after that date whether they've been successful or not on this occasion, please be patient however as the whole process could take a while.

Please click here for more information and for details on how to apply.

Forum Issues:

I suspect a few members have been having ongoing issues accessing the forum which means the links above won't work. If you are having issues don't suffer in silence, please contact the Staff Box detailing the problem and we will rectify the problem for you as soon as possible. Most of the time we are able to respond to Staff Box messages within 24 hours and often we are much quicker, but we may receive considerably more messages than normal after this announcement. We will get round to responding to each and every member, but please bear with us if the wait time is a little longer to resolve forum issues.