From time to time staff may delete torrents from the tracker for a number of reasons. They maybe proven not to work or have another serious issue, they may be incomplete or incorrectly uploaded, they may not comply to our rules or not be allowed on the tracker, they could be a duplicate that is already on the tracker, they could be trumped by a preferred version or they could be dead torrents.

A dead torrent has had no seeds or leechers for at least 8 weeks and since all seeding and leeching has long finished no member stats are ever refunded when they're deleted. Other torrents however could on occasions be deleted prematurely when a member has not finished downloading or seeding, E.g. a member may have downloaded a 25GB torrent and so far barely seeded anything back, so when a torrent is suddenly deleted prematurely it's important that member's global stats are refunded where appropriate.

In the past the system only refunded the upload / download stats of a prematurely deleted torrent if the following 2 conditions were both met by each individual member:

1) The torrent had less than a 1.0 ratio at the time of deletion.
2) The torrent was active, E.g. either seeding or leeching, at the time of deletion.

The first condition worked well since it would never refund ratios that were considered an advantage to the member to keep including torrents credited by seed points.

The idea behind the second condition was to never refund members who had hit and run a deleted torrent. The system however was sometimes unfair because on occasions members could stop seeding for short periods of time and if they were unlucky for a stopped torrent to be deleted from the tracker during this time their torrent stats would never be refunded, often adversely affecting their global stats and leaving them without any way to correct the issue by seeding again. I have therefore removed the 2nd condition which has also simplified the system.

From now on if a torrent is prematurely deleted, all members who have seeded or leeched the torrent will have their stats refunded so it's as if the torrent had never existed unless their individual ratio on the torrent is 1.0 or greater when the stats will remain (it's considered advantageous to the member in this case). Uploaders also keep their upload stats which is always to their advantage, although in future an additional feature maybe added so that at the discretion of the staff uploaders aren't credited for uploading incorrectly when it's considered their fault.

Please note: Only the staff are able to delete torrents on BCG, but if you ever believe that a torrent should be deleted please report it using the "! Report" button towards the bottom left of the torrent description.