I would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone of the request rules. Please do use our requests section as much as possible, we have a great community of members who have access to thousands of games, including many older and more rare ones. However, please bear in mind the following rules, which are displayed also when you try to make a request:

All requests must include region or language in the title (NTSC/PAL,JAP/USA/EU,etc)if the platform supports more than one.

Requests without a description will be deleted. One lines descriptions are insufficient. If no effort is made when making a request, there is no reason it should be filled.

You can now request Packs for a torrent, but be very specific in what you would like.

No requesting a game/torrent before release date or within 14 days of its official release date. You may request a scene release once it has been Pred, (include the release name).


We have recently had a spike in users requesting games either before they are even released, or within 14 days of their release date. We allow 14 days grace as a courtesy to our uploaders and the scene, to enable them to crack and make available the latest games without us all constantly asking for them. If a scene release is available, then a request within 14 days is permitted if you use the full scene release name in yuor request title.

Whilst we will try to be lenient whenever possible and just delete the request for a first offense, but repeatedly requesting games that break our rules will get you a warning, or more. If a request breaches our rules but is filled before we can delete it, then rather than punish the uploader too by deleting the torrent we may elect to disable just your downloads for a while.

Other than that, have fun with the request section, add some GBs as a bounty or try to fill some yourself for an instant upload bonus. If you woudl like to discuss the way requests work or need some help, please use this topic; https://www.blackcats-games.net/foru...howtopic=54457