IMPORTANT - Account Security!

Back in August I posted a news announcement warning members to use unique passwords for BCG, also recommending unique passwords for all sites. At the time it was also mentioned that it was especially important since another gaming tracker (NOT classed as a top tier tracker) had been compromised where passwords had allegedly also been leaked. I stated that it was absolutely vital for members of this site to ensure that their BCG password was unique, but since it is against our policy to publicise the name of the private tracker affected, members where told that if their BCG password was used on any other site it should be changed immediately.

Since this announcement there was been a small number of accounts compromised, every one was accessed as a result of the member using exactly the same password as was used on the compromised gaming tracker at the time of the leak and even though it was compromised around 3 months ago we have had a couple of accounts compromised very recently! I can understand newer members missing and not taking notice of the previous announcement, but established members are unnecessarily putting the security of BCG and the entire community at risk. In fact you might have noticed a couple of Adult XXX Games that were uploaded and removed. Firstly we do NOT allow adult XXX games on BCG, we allow some mature games, but only if they've been rated and passed to be sold in the mainstream market as an 18 game, if in doubt please ask. These games however were uploaded from compromised accounts along with City Car Driving v1.4.2 which has also been removed. Since these games came from a malicious source I advise members who have installed them to thoroughly check your PC for malware, also check task manager and lookout for any tasks that are using an unusual amount of CPU.

I am now asking members once again to urgently ensure that your BCG password is unique. To do this click on the Personal menu, select Profile and you can change your password towards the bottom of the form. If any more accounts are compromised because of not using a unique password and this happens after we believe you've had a reasonable chance to read this announcement, you will be held responsible. Not taking your account security seriously is not only putting your own account at risk, but it's potentially putting the entire community at risk too, we can't let this happen.