Recent News Updates

Some members may or may not be aware, but recently on a couple of other private trackers a hacker managed to send out a false news update or mass PMs in the name of a staff member asking for Bitcoin donations directly to the hackers's btc address, the previous fake messages included a yahoo email address to apparently report your donation to receive highly overpowered perks which of course members never received. A recent message falsely promised lifetime VIP status and 3TB of upload credit on one of the private trackers affected. We have NOT been affected at BCG, but just so members know we currently do NOT have any special donation promotions and we most certainly never send out PMs or emails asking for donations either. If you are ever unsure whether a donation promotion is genuine on any other private tracker, then I suggest you wait at least 24 hours before donating and check the tracker's news for any updates.

The promotion criteria for the Elite class has been advertised as a minimum ratio of 2.2 in the FAQ for a while when it has in fact been set to a ratio of 2.0 along with a minimum download of 750GB and at least 2 months membership. Since the ratio requirement is 1.5 for the class below (Super Power User) and 2.5 for the class above (Super Elite), a ratio of 2.0 for Elite fits nicely between the two values and will therefore remain. The FAQ have now been updated under "What are the User Classes?" and "How can I get promoted to higher classes?". Thank you to the good member who brought this issue to my attention.

A new round of the game of Pirates is about to start on the IRC #games channel on Monday September 21st at just after Midnight EST (late tonight). Join th' crew to fight sea monsters, duel vicious pirates, discover lost civilizations, plunder ships, n' more on th' high seas! Please visit the #games channel and type !Pirates for details on how to enlist. Anyone can enlist at any time, although there's a small advantage if you enlist before the new round starts. If you enlist afterwards then the sooner you enlist the better to prevent other pirates from getting a good head start. For details on how to access our IRC please see "How do I access IRC?" in the FAQ. I wish everyone the very best of luck!