Warning - Malicious PS Vita Dumps and more!

I will get straight to the point. A couple of very malicious PS Vita dump were posted on Reddit earlier that were found to irreversibly brick the console by writing blank data to the nand, effectively removing the operating system and making the system permanently unbootable.

We have NOT had any of these dumps uploaded to BCG, but it is very important that our uploaders and in fact anyone who downloads PS Vita dumps are made fully aware and are very careful as to where they get their content from as it's very possible there could be future incidents.

The malicious dumps on Reddit were titled as follows:

"Fruit Ninja [US] [TESTED] [MAIDUMP]"
"kung fu rabbit - tested working - maidump v233.2z8"

It is absolutely critical that all uploaders test their content before they upload it to BCG with the exception of correctly uploaded scene releases, this is the case with any uploads, not just PS Vita dumps and in fact there's also been an excessive number of malicious PC content recently on public sites that can steal account password information Etc, please click here for more details. If you are in any doubt whether your content is clean, or you are not willing or able to test content, don't upload it at all. We truly appreciate our uploaders and all the hard work you put into the community, but all members are fully responsible for what you upload to BCG and if anything malicious is ever uploaded we have to take appropriate action.

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