Hello guys,

-> As you know, the 2022 World Cup in Qatar is finally over, and therefore we have the winners of our Predictor!

The prizes will be as follows:
- 1st place (in Hits and Winnings): An exclusive trophy next to the nick + 1 donation of 180 days BJ GOLD (*).
- 2nd and 3rd place (in Hits and Earnings): 1 BJ MASTER(*) 90-day donation.
- A special invitation to be sent immediately, valid for 7 days from now(*) was sent to the following users:

a) the first 10 who scored the most
b) the first 10 who profited the most
c) all users who have bet on the 64 matches with a minimum average of 100,000 BJ-Points per bet

and also the underdogs:

d) the one that missed the most (48 errors in 64 bets - an impressive 75%!)
e) the one that lost the most (also an impressive 510,958,700 BJ-Points of loss ).

All prizes will be activated immediately - don't miss the deadline for sending the special invitation if you are one of the winners!

-> We have introduced some important updates to the website.

- Each user class will be identified by a unique color -> User , Member , Power User , Elite and Overlord

* If the user chooses to hide his class on the site, the color will remain in the default -> Member

-> End of year has arrived, and events have returned!

- Freeleech

* All torrents will be Free , that is, they will not count in your Total Downloaded.

- Double Upload

* All confirmed donations during the event will grant double GB Upload.

- Possibility of special invitation in donations

* All donations confirmed during the event will have a chance to grant a special invitation, this chance varies according to the chosen plan - this invitation is valid for 7 days.

- Account reactivation through a good deed

* We are granting a promotional reactivation to every user who performs and proves a good deed. The good deed needs to be performed after the beginning of the action, not retroactively.

Some examples of accepted good deeds are: blood donation, food donation (basic basket), and clothing donation.

For proof, we request a short video, with good quality, of at least 10 and a maximum of 30 seconds, with up to 50MB showing your good deed together with a sheet of paper with your username on the website and the current date written by hand. Make sure your video meets all the requirements as we only accept one submission per account.

To upload, log in to your account, find the option to upload the video and upload it following the rules above. The option will only be available for accounts that are eligible to be reactivated - only deactivated due to ratio or inactivity.

* Attention: All events will only be available until 12/31/2022 at 23:59:59

BJ-Share Team