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End of temporary Freeleech and new BJ-Points system

Hello people,

As you may have noticed, we reached the end of our Freeleech action due to COVID-19. It will not be extended.

However, we reformulated the system of accumulation of BJ-Points, to reward the long-term Seeders that help to keep files alive.

Now, in addition to the traditional 1 BJ-Point per hour for each GB in torrents being seeded, there will be multipliers:

- Single seeder: 5x (therefore, 5 BJ-Points per hour per GB)
- One of two seeders: 2.5x (therefore, 2.5 BJ-Points per hour per GB)
- One out of three seeders: 1.67x (therefore, 1.67 BJ-Points per hour per GB)
- One of four seeders: 1.25x (therefore, 1.25 BJ-Points per hour per GB)
- Five seeders and above, there is no extra bonus, only 1 BJ-Point per hour per GB.

We hope that there will be an incentive to keep torrents alive longer