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BJ-Share Holiday Invitations!

Hello people,

Just as the name of this News suggests, on the upcoming day of 25/12 we will be releasing the purchase of invitation for those who have the amount of BJ-Points needed to buy them (5,000,000). A new option on the Invitations page will be added on next 12/25, where it will be possible to exchange Points for Invitation.
The user who buys an invitation, and is not Overlord, can send an invitation until 12/31/2019. Everyone already in the upper class of the site (Overlord) will be able to buy and send normally.

We recently added the Recycling system to the site, which was a success, with over 80% of the recycled listing. However, we want to go further, so we will be adding an invitation to those who Recycle, from now on, ten (10) torrents from the Recycle list, everyone can participate, just Recycle, if you do not know how to proceed, follow the topics previously created by Staff

BJ-Share Christmas Promotion

Reasons for recycling

Remembering that,

➱ Each user may have only one account on the site over a lifetime. The user who has two registered accounts will be investigated and may have their accounts warned / banned.
➱ The deactivated or banned user who signs up with a new account will be deactivated immediately when discovered.
➱ We are all responsible for our own unique account, the one who sends the invitation to a friend will also be responsible for his or her actions.
➱ Only you will be allowed to purchase and send 1 (one) invitation per person, use wisely. We are watching.