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The signatures are back!

Hello people,

We are bringing back a feature that has existed since the first version of our site, as some may know, BJ-Share was quite colorful in the past XD.

We just implemented the forum signatures system, it is now possible to put your arts on display for everyone. You can also add texts, such as your PC settings or phrases that you like to carry for life.

You can add your signatures by going to 'My Data' on your Profile tab, scrolling down to Personal Settings and locating the Signature Link, where you can put everything you would like to share with the rest of the site, to add an image you will need to use [img] [/ img].

Keep in mind the rules that are required for signatures: Creating / changing rules

In the future we will have a really functional kit ordering system, but for now that's just it. We hope you enjoy it because everything we do is for you.