Hello everyone, I use this space to try to summarize a few threads, posts of the staff and give some advice. Some people know me because of the controls that I sull'overseed of freeleech torrent with seedbox. By reading this post, maybe you can not avoid situations that do not please anyone. The staff has issued this announcement: http://www.bitvaulttorrent.com/forum...c&topicid=5661 where it is specifically written that any user with the home line, can hold seeding how much he wants any torrent freeleech; of course, also applies to all other torrents. In the case of seedbox there was a discussion (overseeding: Male or service?) Which was attended by several staff members: http://www.bitvaulttorrent.com/forum...c&topicid=9721 Basically you are asked to seedbox users, who have no problem with ratio of not over-seed torrents freeleech which have several active seeders. This is because it has been well explained in the thread above that in other threads. When contact users often I am told that due to work or family commitments it is not possible to constantly monitor the status of the torrent and then unplug "the right time" . Well all know that the torrent client accepted by BV (Frog, rtorrent, utorrent, transmission, etc.) have the ability to set automatic stop when it reaches a predetermined ratio by the user. The staff has always recommended a ratio of 3.0. Council No. 1: configure your client to ensure that the terms of the seedbox seed automatically when it reaches the value mentioned above. In the "Guides and Tutorials" there are already guides that explain and help the user to configure correctly the torrent client. Two examples are: Setting up uTorrent -> http://www.bitvaulttorrent.com/forum...c&topicid=1227 Guide Setting Deluge -> http://www.bitvaulttorrent.com/forums.php ? action = viewtopic & TopicId = 1935 Board # 2: If a member of staff will want to do something, do it! Loser is never the Staff Council No. 3: When someone contacts you via PM the staff, always respond. We are a community and no one likes to talk to the wind. As we give ourselves to do the staff to answer your questions in a consistent manner and promptly by users is always welcome feedback, in this case at least a PM response. Board # 4: Do not be afraid or ashamed to ask an explanation: the first line support exists for this! Always contact them first, each of them has its own specialty. The full list of users who do support the first line found at the bottom of this page: http://www.bitvaulttorrent.com/staff.php However, it can not hurt also contact the person who invited you normally should have more experience than you Board # 5: if you have a seedbox subsidiaries, now, the status of your torrents freeleech. maybe I missed something?