While downloading huge data from the server of bit torrent the Network traffic problem is more in the previous years. But now this traffic problem was controlled. Now this Bittorrent launched a music streaming service legally. This application is a place where music will be streaming online.

This application is the place where we can find the place to save the playlists and artistís albums which we like to save and also play. This application is available for the web and mobile users. We can download the application from Android. It will also be available to iOS and Apple TV soon. Bit torrent previously had its website with albums from worldwide. But now itís completely different. In this application, we have live streaming of albums songs and videos.

This application will not allow the users to use the bit torrent site from this application, Whereas the application and the website are completely different. This will allow users to play music according to their playlists, favorites. The BitTorrent application allows the users to follow and save their videos.

The application also gave some options to upload the videos through VR content. But in order to upload these types of videos we have to pay for the application. As we know that we have many websites and social networking sites to upload any video and to listen to music as per our wish. But bit torrent is different as this will be the platform for the creators.