Hello All...

As many of you know, the UK and AUS ISPs have been blocking Bitsoup almost all year now. They have now also started blocking proxy services themselves and known IPs that service like sites.

This is only gonna get worse and will continue to be an ongoing battle with no end in sight.

Last March Bitsoup opened another domain to allow access for all our blocked UK and AUS friends. This site was called soupbit.me and has now been blocked as well, in just 6 short months.

Continuing the ongoing support for our community, Bitsoup has now redirected all soupbit.me traffic back to its original domain Bitsoup.org.

Again, if you are using soupbit.me, you will be redirected to bitsoup.org for your convenience and site access.

You are still responsible however for the protection between you and your ISP.

Nothing you can do will mask the amount of data being transferred, but you can hide what it is and where it's coming from.

Please torrent responsibly and protect yourself and in turn you'll be protecting other members as well as the site. If Bitsoup could protect you in this manner, rest assured she would without question.

Please think about the level of support Bitsoup gives all her members. Bitsoup is always here for you, so please always be there for Bitsoup.

No other site goes to the extremes for your convenience, access, or keeps you as safe as Bitsoup. If you haven't made a donation recently, please do so.

Thank You!

-On Behalf of the Bitsoup Staff-