Coders Needed!

As of ~September 6th 2015, TVRage has bit the bullet. Scatter around the interwebs is that it's servers are being moved due to paranoia amongst the admin, I and a few others have come to the conclusion it's officially dead, as there has been no official announcement via social media of it's return.

When TVRage bit the bullet, it messed up a few of our API programs such as the TV Calendar (which is now using TVmaze) and our description generator.

The Description Generator code is a complete mess, so wanted to get that out there right out the gate.

It's been looked at by a few and only tackled by 2 since the original coder gave up on the code long ago.

I'm asking any coders who know a bit about php and can take a look, and offer suggestions as to fixing it. It's been written for TVRage, so TVRage was required to be active to run it, addons for TVDB were added after the fact.

I'd like to remove all TVRage code, and only include TVDB with the possibility of including TVMaze.

As always, any help is welcomed, and I'll try and make it worth your while.

````BitMeTV Staff``````