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    If you wish to use a VPN (or proxy), it must be on a static ip, and you must declare it to staff for approval. Period. No exceptions. This does not including putting ''Using VPN'' in your profile comment, such a remark is of no use to staff and will be ignored. You must message staff onsite (STAFF > PM-to-Moderators!) with the specific details including service name/vendor and the dedicated IP address.

    If you are found on an anonymous VPN you will be disabled and very likely your account will not be restored!
    If you are found on a dedicated VPN that you have not declared, you may also be disabled.

    BitMe staff take membership security seriously, and we will not permit accounts to randomly appear on unknown VPNs that mask the identity of the present user, making it possible for accounts to be hijacked/compromised and staff to have no idea who is actually using the account. Even accounts using a declared and approved static VPN/proxy may at any time be forced to appear from their regular ISP space in their known location.


    If you compose your own password, it should be 10 characters or longer, including upper and lower case, some numbers and punctuation. If you use KeePass or LastPass you can have very strong passwords (example: b4a5ebd87c260f177afb4f69e6889f) and the password manager will remember it for you. Password strength and security is important, not just at BitMe but for ALL of your sites. The consequences of having one or more of your accounts compromised (hijacked by a hacker) can be very serious. If your account appears compromised it will be disabled. It is at staff discretion whether to re-enable the account if the original account holder appears in and is able to substantiate their identity as the originator of the account. There is no guarantee that a compromised account will be restored to you. Do not disregard the safety and security of your accounts, always use strong and unique passwords at every site.


    Otherwise you risk LOSING your BitMe account and NOT getting it back!
    Volunteer staff do not have unlimited time to detect and deal with compromised/hijacked accounts.
    This warning has appeared multiple times for extended periods during recent years.

    BitMe and other trackers continue to experience periodic account hijackings. This adversely impacts the security of the tracker. The process of identifying hijacked accounts and, in some cases, restoring them to the original owners, is a drain on staff resources. In almost all cases, the problem which permitted the hijacking in the first place was the use of non-unique and/or weak passwords.

    We require that all users have a password that is used only for this site, consists of at least 10 characters, and includes numbers/symbols. You should follow this policy on every site where you have a login. Too many places are being hacked and lists of account names and passwords falling into the hands of unscrupulous hijackers. The days when you could use the same password everywhere, as long as it was reasonably strong, are long gone. Don't allow yourself to become a victim through laziness and disregard for basic security measures.

    For help in generating a unique, strong password, visit

    For keeping track of unique and strong passwords for every site, there are good tools available for free:

    LastPass -
    KeePass -

    BE ADVISED: If your account is hijacked and you have not changed your password do not expect to have your account returned.

    You alone are responsible for your account security.

    If you do not respect basic security measures then staff can only consider you a risk to the site. Thank you for your attention to this important matter.

    //BitMe Staff
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