Site Update (New Site) :

Hello to all our members,

As you well know this site as you see it will close on October 5, 2015. But, Staff are trying to have a new site built to take over Bitleechers. We may keep the same name or we may change it. The new site will be a basic site until we have enough funds to cover the coder costs to add a few extras to dress the site up. The only thing I can tell you at this point is to watch your email inbox and spam folder coming to you for an invitation to the new site.

After talking it over with staff we are going for a Ratio site once again. So this means all stats will be wiped clean and we will all start over, but with an existing members database.

If we go with a new name besides Bitleechers it will be something like "House-Of-Torrents" HOT! So, please keep an eye out for this email to come from the new staff and owners.

For information old owner "MEMATI" will still be around the site and helping when he can. he just doesnt have the time like others do to bring you a new site since this one is messed up royally.

As a side note If we get a new site sorted your stats would start from 0 ( because we wouldn't be able to import the info) unless you can provide us with a screenshot then we will match your details.

Thanks for you patience and cooperation in this matter.

budyzer and the Staff Team