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Thread: News

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    As you all know by now the old site is now shutdown and gone. The new site is and click on "join us". We are truely sorry we had to close up the old site, but as stated in our announcements things the old coder had done corrupted the site.

    It was beyond repair. We said that we would transfer over stats with a screenshot, but with a Ratio site that wont happen now. Everyone will start off fresh as a new member.

    MEMATI had enough and decided to step down as an owner and move on with his life. Now staff took over to bring you a new site on a different source code.

    Staff and coders are working hard to get things sorted so runs smoothly. I wont make this long because not everyone likes to read. So, if you still wish to be a member of Bitleechers you may sign up on the link above.

    Bitleechers has a new IRC Network you can join if you wish.

    Port: 6667 SSL: +6697

    /join #chat

    Bitleechers Staff Team
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    But Bitleechers will move the code again and possibly lost all again:

    "In the next couple of days we will be installing a new source code. This means we may lose everything once again. We will try to transfer the members DB over to the new source. If it corrupts then that means we may need to send you all another email inviting you back. The source we have now has too many bugs and not worth configuring because it would take too much time to get everything set. The new source is much better and looks much better. The source will have tabs instead of dropdown menus. We will also have a light and dark theme of the same layout. Stay tuned for futher announcements about the change."
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