Remuxes can be perfectly done with XMedia Recode because it offers the copy option for video, audio, and subs for the mkv container.

BTW, I don't think many will download some of them if the exact full BD is available here already. Some of our TV shows in WEB-DL or WEBRip source don't receive high numbers if the show might be coming to Blu-ray; however, ones which receive high numbers usually might only have a DVD sold. One which quickly comes to mind is ABCs Scandal which never has a Blu-ray sold; however, many of our users may already have Netflix to watch the past seasons and hulu to watch the current last 5 episodes which is a standard contract for ABC shows.

Just cautioning you to set your expectations accordingly as this still is a new category for the site compared to the age of the site's operations.

One other thing, remuxes work really well when they are remuxed into m4v files so an Apple TV can play them when the BD is Cinavia protected. By using XMedia with the Apple TV option and the 3rd gen Apple TV settings and converting the DTS/AC3 audio to AAC audio, people can watch a nearly BD quality film on their TVs without worrying about this protection causing the audio to be muted after around 20 minutes into the film. So try to upload these films to our site if you are given the nod.