As we now have multiple choices for themes on our source code, we thought it would be a good idea to have a competition for a new bitGAMER logo!

There is no time limit on this competition and staff will make the final decision on the winner. Further information is below:

- The winner of this competition will receive 500GiG Upload Credit, VIP Status & 8 Weeks Free Leech on ALL Torrents.
- As we have different colored themes, a neutral colored logo would be a good idea.
- The new logo should use the dimensions of 370px x 75px OR if you want to use the entire length of our header background (up to the point of the icons on the top right) you are welcome to do that. But the hieght must remain at 75px.

- All entries must be posted within this thread.

Who all are on bitGamer and good at photoshop or corel should give it a try.

Source - bitGamer forum [posted on - Sep 23 2015, 08:31 PM]