2022.07.14 - Termination of BitBR activities
Hello to all members,
BitBR was a project that we started and due to lack of time and being the only developer of the project, at least on my part, we ended up not being able to deliver a quality platform that was 100% pleasant to everyone. As we know, we highly value the quality of the community and its users, as we were unable to deliver what you deserve, we decided to close our activities.
So I have through this message to announce that we will close the tracker activities on 07/30/2022. But calm down, this decision was made due to the reasons mentioned above and the emergence of a tracker of movies and series that we like and support,
so we would like to recommend them to you:

BitBR will not accept new releases from now on, the entire site will be in global freeleech so you can download everything you need.

We will be together at BRSociety, which is the community where the staff invested most of their time and invests to this day. We believe that education changes lives and we will dedicate our days from now on to this transformation through education and delivering content to those who cannot and/or were discredited.
I thank all members for their trust and for using our services.

Important note: To everyone who liked the community and wants to migrate to BRSociety if you don't have an account yet, a bot will be made available in the first week of August for the rescue using the nick and email here of the tracker. More information will be posted on the home page after the complete closing of BitBr.

Big hugs, Turko.