Removal of Music Audio file categories

Effective immediately BeyondHD will no longer be allowing any music audio files on site. We will continue our focus on the highest quality Movie and TV. Brought to you by our great internals FraMeSToR, BHDStudio and GhostFace. Of course we will continue with the standard scene Movie and TV feeds, not forgetting all the great uploads from our community.

Why am I removing them? Members have been using them for bonus point farming, breaking our rules in the process. This was not in the best interest of the community and I am fed up spending time policing it; so am getting rid of the main source of the problem. You can thank these abusers for the removal of audio files from the site. There are plenty of good audio sites out there for you to join.

Thanks for all the good past contributors out there, who have contributed over the years; especially Nothing1 who over the last year has contributed some excellent high quality releases.

You can discuss the announcement in this forum post