Many may have noticed not as much activity from internals and staff. Also, most have noticed that there have been a few site enhancements to increase speed and response time. These small optimizations were made to enhance the user experience in preparation of our official decision to migrate our tracker to the powerful UNIT3D source code. This decision has been well overdue and have all decided this is the best option for BHD to move forward and further enhance our site. UNIT3D is currently under heavy development and so is OUR UNIT3D! Here are a few sneak peak of some of what we have done and what UNIT3D has to offer...

Our new site theme... like BHD with a coat of paint.

New featured torrent slider with freeleech and double upload promotions.

New user defined torrents views... cards view, groupings, or list view (with or without posters).

New torrent description header with embedded tmdb, tvdb, and trailer urls.

Meta data for actors/actresses with movie and tv listings.

Newly designed dropdown buttons for easier navigation and to further clean the ui.

A newly designed point system with the ability to gift, tip, place bounties on requests and so much more!

In addition UNIT3D offers

Internal Forums System
Staff Dashboard
Faceted Ajax Torrent Search System
Bonus Points Store
Torrent Request Section with BP Bounties System
Double Upload System
Featured Torrents System
Polls System
PM System
Multilingual Support
Auth System
DB + Files Backup Manager
RSS System

if you are as excited as we are, let's give UNIT3D a thumbs up and add a -STAR-!

In the coming days BHD will be looking for beta testers, web developers, graphic designers, and future torrent and forum moderators.... if you feel you have something to offer or just want to be part of the change, feel free to pm me or dlite!

Thanks for all your support and making BHD such a great community. We are not only a tracker we are Beyond-HD!

* too many screenshots to add to this post but members of the tracker can check out the updates in their forums.