FraMeSToR Application

FraMeSToR Remux and Encoding Release Groups and looking to recruit new members
Do you have a interest in remuxing or encoding to a high level and like to share your work to the world ?

Have you ever remuxed or encoded before and uploaded it to BHD or any other tracker?

Have you got spare time each day to remux or encode ?

If you answered yes to all 3 questions above then we could be interested in seeing what you have and possibly recruiting you to help advance your skills and join our teams.

If you are interested in applying then please take this template and fill in your answers and submit it here - (Subject: Remuxer Application or Encoder Application)

If your application interest us we will contact you via PM to talk more
If you don't meet our needs we will also contact you just to let you know

(1) Would you like to be a Remuxer or Encoder
(2) Are you familiar with the latest video encoding software
(3) Links to any releases you have uploaded
(4) What would you use to remux or encode (Server or Home PC)
(5) What is your bandwidth speed link -
(6) How much time a day do you have to spend doing this