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Thread: BeyondHD | News

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    BeyondHD | News

    Today, 08:20 AM - Site Down Time

    Greetings all,

    Apologies for the recent down times. The first downtime was due to a hard drive failure on the server, this time the site database was damaged. Both were unforeseeable. But here we are back and running.

    The biggest issue we have as a result of this downtime is we had to go to a backup from the 13th September. This has resulted in a lot of lost statistics and even the loss of new member accounts. There is NO way to recover either. If you invited a member during the period, please invite them again.

    Some users statistics are now way off. We are still working on correct counts for users stats, uploads and torrent history. Staff are discussing the best solution for this. We do not want to disadvantage anyone. A solution will be forthcoming. The full staff team are busy trying to clean this up at the moment.

    As far as HNR's go we have lowered the HnR Ratio Fix to 1 Bonus Point! You can access it here https://xxxxxxxxxxxxx.php

    All donations from the period have been reprocessed and will restart from a current date.

    We will post further details and update this over the next few days.

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    Thank you for information

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