FraMeSToR/BeyondHD now releasing 4k UHD Blu-ray Remuxes and Discs

Greetings all,
As you would have seen FraMeSToR/BeyondHD have begun releasing their own fully internal UHD 4K remuxes; ripped directly from the UHD Blu-ray disc. Something we have all been waiting for a few years now. Their first release was Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 2017 UHD BluRay 2160p TrueHD Atmos 7.1 HEVC REMUX-FraMeSToR, More have since followed, and yet more are in progress and will be upped at BeyondHD first. We already have 36 UHD genuine direct from disc remuxes on site, and many more 4k captures and of course Full UHD disc copies as well. A big thank you to the FraMeSToR team. Some have been going short of sleep this past week. The site now has over 50 4K movie torrents.

This new process has cost the FraMeSToR group a decent amount of dollars to purchase the software license, hardware and discs. So would like to make an appeal to the community to put their hands in their pockets and give a few extra dollars in donations to reimburse them. Donations for the remainder of the month will go to FraMeSToR to cover their costs. Hopefully, we can buy them a few extra discs for them to rip.

We are also taking the opportunity to make changes to our donation system. You can find the full details about the donation system change and how to donate HERE

Enjoy the genuine 4K releases. BeyondHD setting the pace in the new world of 4K.