HEY STHLM Rhythm X-Cup Summer 2017 [Stockholm 8/12 - 8/13
HEY STHLM Rhythm X-Cup Summer 2017

Letís do a developed version of the last success.
A summer tournament of the Rhythm Arcade Games at HEY STHLM.
The one who succeed best in all rhythm games, wins the cup!

Rhythm arcade games that are in the cup:
- Beatmania IIDX 23 Copula
- Pop'n music 23 ťclale
- Taiko 13 + Taiko HD
- 2x Jubeat Prop
- Dance Dance Revolution 2014
- 2x Groove Coaster 3EX
- Reflec Beat VOLZZA
- FutureTomTom v.2
- Music GunGun 2
- Drummania V8
- DJ Max Technika
- Sound Voltex III

Facebook event (for more info!): https://www.facebook.com/events/1997157633864845/
Forum thread (for any questions): forums.php?action=viewthread&threadid=45726