London Rhythm Game Meetup Q1: �� Edition

Honourable meme posters (Q1 edition):

Thanks guys

Q4 Meme videos (worth it, we paid good money for these):

M*** says: It's time for the quaterly Q meet, except this time it's bigger and better than ever.

Literally fucking nothing is changing except it's more hype.
Kinda like Q4 2014, god that was hype.

And it's all hosted by the co-organiser, al2k4!

We've got: beatmania IIDX 25 CANNON BALLERS, jubeat clan (x2), DDR 2014 because Konami sucks fucking dick, reflec beat V2 (maybe reflesia, who knows) (x2), pop'n music Usaneko (x2) and MUSECA 1 1/2 (final).
We've also got: WiFi, chicken nuggets, banter, Dr Who, Pool, air beds, stairs with banter on them, starbucks, alcohol, idk even more.

Wanna stay overnight and play the games non-stop for free? No problem!
For 10 a night you can stay, chat, sleep, get surprises and more!
That's cheaper than any fuckin airbnb I've ever known, but just make sure you let us know (pm Corin or al2k4).

You'll want to bring your eAMUSE pass if you plan on staying overnight.
Not got one? We got you covered. For 5 you can get a fresh, new, official pass at the arcade, just ask a member of staff!
It'll even work in Japan on official eAMUSE.

Interested in coming or want more information? Pop by the thread or Facebook event and let us know.

General UK thread is
The Facebook event: