With the transition of our website from public to a private model, a number of our users suggested drastic changes to our old bonus point system.

Well guys, we listened! We decided to improve QoL and introduce some excitement! So... we're bringing you our own Lootbox system!
From now on, bonus points will be allowed to be tradable for your very own lootbox.
You will have choice of different tiers, which may put more or less at stake and great chances of striking big for few points, but with some risk attached.

As for how you can earn bonus, well that's the easy part. All torrents now make bonus points! Even the ones marked freeleech. If you see the ones marked as bonus torrents, you will get even more!
So just keep seeding and enjoy the benefits.


Edit: We have received some complaints that bonus points are being too hard to earn and that loot boxes are too expensive.
We have been listening! So we conducted our own research into the values.
We agree! The prices are just too high. And so, starting now, I reduced all lootbox prices to half of what they were before.
We hope that makes it more fun and entertaining for all.

That's not all.
We will award 1000 bonus points to everyone (even if you didn't try it yet) as a token of forgiveness.