...honestly, we love the fact that your interest to download and immediately share content as soon as it hits the wire. But, as some of you noticed, the website has a minor stroke when all of you jump in at once and try to grab the torrent URL. The tracker is going to be fine since BitTorrent is designed to handle this type of massive load, so we have no concerns there.

So, seeing as tonight is the Game of Thrones series 4 Premier, I'm sure tonight it is going to happen again - and we want you to get what you want milliseconds after it is available. Jump on in to our IRC channel dedicated to announcing new torrents posts, #torrents. All you have to do it sit there, and when it is posted you will get a broadcast of the torrent download URL.

Need to know how to do some of that stuff? Well, we have a wonderful Knowledge Base entry on setting up IRC clients, so we have you covered there. We also have a great write up on some of the channels that are available for you once you are connected.