Just wanted to bring attention to some of the contest that are currently running.

WTFerret is running an audiobook contest- Drink your vegetables! (V8 upload rewards)

I hereby declare a 5000 point bounty for every new V8 audiobook upload that is performed in compliance with the rules and posted in the thread below.
You_W0t_M8 is running a movie contest - The Golden Popcorn

For every GP (golden popcorn) uploaded to bB, 20k bonus points will be handed out, and a special thank you from myself will be sent your way.
eeeeve is running a request contest - Fill low-bounty requests and get bp!

For every request with a bounty of 1000MB or under you fill, get 15k BP (after tax)*.
bandersnatch is running a music contest - Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Songs of All Time

You contribute a song you'll get 4500 (rounding down for tax) and my gratitude.

Make sure you read the rules on this one as you will not be uploading to bB. This post will be updated with upload info soon.
WMCIRUS has a long running and very popular contest for new users - New to BB? Claim thyne points!

Hey everyone, when I joined BB, I was gifted 10 K by two very nice users (it was my first tracker ever and I was pretty lost).

I'd like to repay the kindness, so if you're new to BB (less than a month), and have an avatar just post here and I'll send you 20K, easy as that.
I (cook) am running a general upload contest - First Annual Horrorfest!

I am a little bit late posting this but....any horror/halloween themed upload in October will count. Even uploads before this contest started. As long as it was uploaded in October '18 it will count.

The points breakdown:

TV Episode-2,000bp / TV Season-10,000bp / Movie-12,000bp / Music-2,000bp / Ebook-2,000bp / Comics-2,000bp / Anime-2,000bp / Games-7,000bp / Misc-2,000bp