Happy Mid-Autumn Festival and some changes

1: I wish everyone a happy Mid-Autumn Festival, one day will be free from the station on the day of the Mid-Autumn Festival

2: Invitation price increases to 10,000 mana

3: Regarding the website member's reaction, someone goes to the invitation post of other people to send an invitation, which can be reported later, and a warning and a second ban

4: Regarding the self-purchase reward, consider it comprehensively. If all the posts are short stories or all the posts are raw meat (non-Chinese), the VIP requirement will be increased by 50%

5: It is forbidden to transfer any resources with a "forbidden transfer" tag to other places (whether it is a PT site, a forum or other places), if found, directly ban

6: Regarding the self-purchase of music CD games, each seed rewards 2W magic power, and you can reply in the post later.

7: The daily closing of this site is normal. I hope you donít promote this site in other public places, donít send invitations indiscriminately, and cherish your rights

8: Non-Chinese and large-scale games are prohibited from publishing, and light novels in TXT format and non-Chinese are also prohibited from publishing. Different versions of comics can coexist, and poor-quality PDF versions are generally not considered.

9: Very lack of PHP related development, hope to have you join

10: Doujin comics have been banned from publishing

11: The free time for daily new species will be reduced from 48 hours to 24 hours after the end of the free station