Official DIY group recruitment small advertisement

Dear viewers and friends, hello everyone;
I am sorry to bother you. Due to the development needs of the DIY official group of this site, I will make a small advertisement. Interested friends are*
welcome to sign up. The specific rules and registration methods are as follows:

Quote:*Official original DIY group - Audies (click here to view the original post)
① I like this site, I like the DIY group of this site and the resources it produces.
② I am interested in DIYing the original disk, and I am interested in making Chinese and Chinese and English subtitles. Teaching tutorials are provided in the group. If you donít understand, you can ask questions at any time. , basically 24 hours a day, there are big guys sticking to the post to answer questions and provide help, but there is no foundation but a strong willingness to learn, not three minutes of popularity (DIY basic process: find subtitles, find the original disk, process subtitle styles, convert, mix, and publish )
③ No part-time jobs at other sites (except for seed guards and reprinters)
④ Able to obey the arrangement of the official
⑥ If you publish two books and pass the review, you will enter the internship period. If you publish four books, you will become a formal team member. You are required to publish four books every month. You can ask for leave due to special reasons.
⑦ This site has a complete task management system and magic power and other PT-related incentives.
⑧ No recruitment The upper limit, the recruitment will be suspended depending on the situation

If you are not popular in three minutes, have a strong desire to learn to join the group and have met the above requirements, please*click here to join the official QQ group: 970051041 and contact customer service