In the near future, the site will make the following changes to Shimo and claim:

NO.1 Shimo
- B0 is a parameter, which represents the upper limit of the user's 1 hour magic value. Among them, the B0 of the official group and the common seed are 100, 30 respectively
- Wi is the i-th seed weight parameter, among which, the common seed weight = 0.5, the official seed weight = 1.5
- That is: Shimo is divided into two parts, the official seed weight 1.5-upper limit of 100, unofficial seed weight 0.5-upper limit of 30

NO.2 Seed claim rules- unofficial seeds
cannot be claimed-
the upper limit of the number of claims is adjusted from 30 to 60- the
number of seeds more than 10 people cannot claim
seeds- the upper limit of each claim is 4 people
- Provide a list for users to choose to claim
- Follow-up: The claim rewards of seeds may be subdivided according to the type, only for rewards, users can claim directly from immediately

NO.3 Box Rules
- Recently, more users have passed some The method bypasses the box rules of this site, and relevant modifications will be made one after another. Please check by yourself to avoid affecting the use of the account.

NO.4 Official type is free
- Some rule adjustments have not been notified in advance. Apologies to users, open for two days [2022-08 -03 23:59:59 (GMT+08:00)] official category free activities for everyone to download and watch, supplement time magic, supplement claim, etc. Thank you for your understanding and your love and support for this site and its official group. support! I wish you all a happy time on this site!