Unintentionally you can lose download privileges...

ADC is a ratio tracker.
New members can download up to the amount of existing upload or torrents with Golden Chest.

The most common mistake for new users is not to monitor their ratio. It is the most important part in knowing how much you can download from the tracker and measure of how much you have uploaded compared to how much you have downloaded.

A ratio of 1.0 means that you have uploaded as much as you have downloaded. A ratio of 2.0 means that you have uploaded twice as much as you have downloaded.

However, when you just got brand-new fresh ADC account you have not uploaded anything yet and cannot download anything except torrents with Golden Chest (freeleech). They are not applied to the amount you have downloaded but when you share a file and give data to somebody else it is being recorded for your upload increasing your ratio.

The fastest way to increase ratio is to upload a file, because in Asian DVD Club you're immediately given credit for the size of upload you had made regardless if it was downloaded by someone or not (if you are a new user).

If the new user who doesn't have any upload credits will attempt to download a file, like a DVD of 5 GB without Golden Chest, his ratio will go below 1.0. User will be brought to a limited class where he will be required to make an upload in order to raise the ratio unless he is already seeding something and another user will download that file.