Urgent - 2022 Fundraiser

Dear community,

With 2021 now behind us, once again we have to pay our bills. We kindly ask you, the community, to help us raise the necessary funds to cover the site's infrastructure for the next 12 months. Please, if you find ACM even a bit useful, consider supporting our cause so that we can continue to operate for many years to come.

Fundraiser deadline: February 28
Infrastructure costs: 300/month
Annual cost: 3600

Collected as of 2022-01-30: 400

Donations can be made using Paypal, CashApp and Crypto currencies (BTC, ETH). Please contact our administrator Chaekyung if you wish to donate in anything other than BTC/ETH (link below). For BTC and ETH donations, click on the Heart icon located at the end of the left sidebar.

For PayPal, CashAppp and other options:


If you still have any questions before donating, feel free reach out to us either using the helpdesk feature located to the left of your avatar (right-upper corner) or in the forum linked below.

Thank you all in advance