=>New Paypal Donation Address<=


New donation address is live. Please contact our sysop (Jinsol) on the site, Discord and/or our IRC servers for instructions on how you can donate.


Having learnt from our previous mistake, please keep the following information in mind when sending your donations. Failure to comply with these rules will result in an immediate account and IP ban.

1) DO NOT include any information related to the site or Bittorrent activity in general on Paypal's sender notes.

2) If possible use the Send Money to Friend feature when sending your donation.

3) If you must send the donation as a payment DO NOT include a shipping address or any address whatsoever. Paypal tends to automatically have this option selected for you so make sure you deactivate this!

4) DO NOT share our PayPal address with anybody. This includes other sites members. If your friend wants to donate, s(he) MUST contact Jinsol directly. If you get random people (specially those who are not even members of the site) asking you for the address, please report them to staff immediately. Make sure to include as much as information on the individual as possible.

If you have any questions regarding this announcement, feel free to post them in the forum linked below or on our social networks.


-AsianCinema staff
"Where Quality Matters"